Monday, 7 September 2015

Indian Erotic Gay Ganbang – [Part 1]

Me and My Gay Partner Sushil

Sushil entered the construction site; and I followed him. He was my gay partner and a very erotic Indian boy. He used to give me Indian erotic pleasure. So now you know we both are gay and the only difference between him and me is; he is a bottom gay and I am a top gay. Today we came here in this building to calm our Indian erotic desires. Sushil and I have been in this hot and sensual Indian erotic relation for last 2 years. The things are good so far and there is only one conflict. Sushil wants me to accept that I love him; but I don’t believe in such things. My philosophy is simple..fuck it and forget it.
Sushil started to undress; and he was pressing her male boobs. As he was bit fat his boobs just resembled a woman’s chest. I reached there and helped him pressing them tightly. He reached to my shirt’s button and started undoing them. He pressed my cock with one more hand. I was aroused and I helped him reach my cock easily. I did that by opening my pant. I was nude and wanted Sushil to give me blowjob. All of a sudden I heard some people’s legs…! Two guys came in the room from nowhere; one of them was Sushil’s classmate Anup and there was one more guy whom I did not know.
The first thing these guys did was snatching my clothes. I was nude…! The third guy started speakin; “So you just started your Indian erotic actions; Sushil told us you are reading a lot of Indian erotic stories and also read books on Indian Erotic literature and all…!”
I don’t know what these guys’ intentions were; but Sushil was with them that was confirmed. Sushil addressed the third unknown guy; “Hey Gurmit.. Fuck the bastard and cut the crap…!”

I Was Kind Of Afraid Being Ass Fucked.

I looked at Sushil and he added; “You don’t believe in love and all. Today we will show you how it feels when someone dejects you and fucks you. It will be your policy only. Fuck it and forget it.”
My voice was trembling now, “Fuck you Sushil; why are you doing this to me. We have a long term relationship now.”
Sushil, “Don’t start your Indian erotic dialogues you bastard. All you did was fuck me. If you call this as relationship why you never accepted it. Do you remember you told that you don’t know me when those girls saw me with you in Pizza parlour.”
I was trying to explain Sushil, “Sushil, she was my cousin and she knows you are a bottom gay. And no one knows that I am a gay too.”
Gurmit jumped in, “Benchod, leave the dialogues. Listen you son of Indian erotic mother; we have your clothes. We will only give them back to you once you suck our dick. We will get the dicks sucked and then we will fuck you. We know the fact that you are not a bottom. But today you will have a pleasure of being a bottom. Even Sushil will be a top gay today. He will ramm your ass too.”
I told, “Guys; please let me go. Sushil we can end this relation here only.”
Sushil, “Laude ke baal. Which relation are you talking of.”
Gurmit opened his pant and took out his 9 inch cock. Before I could speak anything; his filthy smelling dick was in my mouth. He held my hairs in his hands and pulled my head. He was fucking my head like anything. Anup dropped his pants as well and he came near me too. Once Gurmit fucked my mouth for 5 minutes; Anup put his dick in my mouth. My mouth muscles were stretched and I was annoyed like anything. Due to anger my eyes became red and my hair follicles all stood up.

All Indian Erotic Positions On Me.

Anup gave way to Sushil now. This bottom gay now fucked me in my mouth. The same guy who used to get fucked by me; was fucking me now. I was almost on verge of breaking up. Gurmit came behind me now and he opened my legs. Anup ane Sushil made me sleep and Gurmit opened my ass cheeks. He spat a mouthful of sticky spit on my asshole. Before I could speak up; he entered my ass with his long shaft. He was murmuring, “Saale Indian Erotic stories, Indian erotic videos aur sabhi chije aaj tujhe dikhata hoon.”
He kept on pumping my ass for 10 minutes. I was not able to control my pain. My eyes started to roll the tears. Sushil saw them and told, “Benchod ro raha hai. Hamari gaand maar ke jab ham se dur rahta tha tab hame kaisa lagta tha bhosidke; ab pata chala.”
Gurmit’s strokes went harder and he took out his dick just on the verge of being empty. I could sense the disaster; why did he not empty his cum. Sushil  and Anup now fucked my ass one by one. None of them emptied cum in my ass. And the same thing came in front of me; which I was fearing of. They started to shake their dick against my mouth and dropped the cum in my mouth only. Gurmit’s cum was the thickest one..!
They now gave me my clothes back and dropped me to my car. Gurmit told me, “Don’t tell anyone or we will tell entire college about this…!”
I said him, “Gurmit, main teri maa chodunga aaj nahi to kal. Teri gaand main faadnga jarur. Anup aur Sushil to pussy hai. Yah sab tera hi plan hai bhosdike.”
Gurmit smiled heavily and I started my car. I knew he was the one who devised this plan. I wanted to take revenge for this Indian erotic gangbang of mine. And I really got my revenge. In the Next part I will tell you the story of revenge ssex with Gurmit…!

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