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Indian Erotic Gay Ganbang – [Part 1]

Me and My Gay Partner Sushil

Sushil entered the construction site; and I followed him. He was my gay partner and a very erotic Indian boy. He used to give me Indian erotic pleasure. So now you know we both are gay and the only difference between him and me is; he is a bottom gay and I am a top gay. Today we came here in this building to calm our Indian erotic desires. Sushil and I have been in this hot and sensual Indian erotic relation for last 2 years. The things are good so far and there is only one conflict. Sushil wants me to accept that I love him; but I don’t believe in such things. My philosophy is simple..fuck it and forget it.
Sushil started to undress; and he was pressing her male boobs. As he was bit fat his boobs just resembled a woman’s chest. I reached there and helped him pressing them tightly. He reached to my shirt’s button and started undoing them. He pressed my cock with one more hand. I was aroused and I helped him reach my cock easily. I did that by opening my pant. I was nude and wanted Sushil to give me blowjob. All of a sudden I heard some people’s legs…! Two guys came in the room from nowhere; one of them was Sushil’s classmate Anup and there was one more guy whom I did not know.
The first thing these guys did was snatching my clothes. I was nude…! The third guy started speakin; “So you just started your Indian erotic actions; Sushil told us you are reading a lot of Indian erotic stories and also read books on Indian Erotic literature and all…!”
I don’t know what these guys’ intentions were; but Sushil was with them that was confirmed. Sushil addressed the third unknown guy; “Hey Gurmit.. Fuck the bastard and cut the crap…!”

I Was Kind Of Afraid Being Ass Fucked.

I looked at Sushil and he added; “You don’t believe in love and all. Today we will show you how it feels when someone dejects you and fucks you. It will be your policy only. Fuck it and forget it.”
My voice was trembling now, “Fuck you Sushil; why are you doing this to me. We have a long term relationship now.”
Sushil, “Don’t start your Indian erotic dialogues you bastard. All you did was fuck me. If you call this as relationship why you never accepted it. Do you remember you told that you don’t know me when those girls saw me with you in Pizza parlour.”
I was trying to explain Sushil, “Sushil, she was my cousin and she knows you are a bottom gay. And no one knows that I am a gay too.”
Gurmit jumped in, “Benchod, leave the dialogues. Listen you son of Indian erotic mother; we have your clothes. We will only give them back to you once you suck our dick. We will get the dicks sucked and then we will fuck you. We know the fact that you are not a bottom. But today you will have a pleasure of being a bottom. Even Sushil will be a top gay today. He will ramm your ass too.”
I told, “Guys; please let me go. Sushil we can end this relation here only.”
Sushil, “Laude ke baal. Which relation are you talking of.”
Gurmit opened his pant and took out his 9 inch cock. Before I could speak anything; his filthy smelling dick was in my mouth. He held my hairs in his hands and pulled my head. He was fucking my head like anything. Anup dropped his pants as well and he came near me too. Once Gurmit fucked my mouth for 5 minutes; Anup put his dick in my mouth. My mouth muscles were stretched and I was annoyed like anything. Due to anger my eyes became red and my hair follicles all stood up.

All Indian Erotic Positions On Me.

Anup gave way to Sushil now. This bottom gay now fucked me in my mouth. The same guy who used to get fucked by me; was fucking me now. I was almost on verge of breaking up. Gurmit came behind me now and he opened my legs. Anup ane Sushil made me sleep and Gurmit opened my ass cheeks. He spat a mouthful of sticky spit on my asshole. Before I could speak up; he entered my ass with his long shaft. He was murmuring, “Saale Indian Erotic stories, Indian erotic videos aur sabhi chije aaj tujhe dikhata hoon.”
He kept on pumping my ass for 10 minutes. I was not able to control my pain. My eyes started to roll the tears. Sushil saw them and told, “Benchod ro raha hai. Hamari gaand maar ke jab ham se dur rahta tha tab hame kaisa lagta tha bhosidke; ab pata chala.”
Gurmit’s strokes went harder and he took out his dick just on the verge of being empty. I could sense the disaster; why did he not empty his cum. Sushil  and Anup now fucked my ass one by one. None of them emptied cum in my ass. And the same thing came in front of me; which I was fearing of. They started to shake their dick against my mouth and dropped the cum in my mouth only. Gurmit’s cum was the thickest one..!
They now gave me my clothes back and dropped me to my car. Gurmit told me, “Don’t tell anyone or we will tell entire college about this…!”
I said him, “Gurmit, main teri maa chodunga aaj nahi to kal. Teri gaand main faadnga jarur. Anup aur Sushil to pussy hai. Yah sab tera hi plan hai bhosdike.”
Gurmit smiled heavily and I started my car. I knew he was the one who devised this plan. I wanted to take revenge for this Indian erotic gangbang of mine. And I really got my revenge. In the Next part I will tell you the story of revenge ssex with Gurmit…!

Gay Anal Sex In Bus

Hello friends my name is Jay and I am from Gujrat. I am 24 years of age and a bottom gay. I am really fond of big desi penis. My ass resembles to those of girls which is round and protruding out. Today I will share one of my gay sex experience when my ass was rammed by big desi penis!
I had consecutive 6 holidays in office so I thought of going to my native place which was 250 kilometres away from my work place. Buses were crowded due to festival times. I used to go by sleeper buses only wherein there were single as well as double sleepers.
I asked for one single but the booking person told me that all singles are occupied and I need to take place in double only. I said him I don’t want to spend that much. So this fellow told me I really need not to spend double. He said me as festivals are on people will come to book and he will share my sleeper with someone else.
I said that is okay for me. I took my ticket and went to have some snakcs. When I came back this booking clerk pointed to one fellow. He said me this person will be with you.
I looked at this guy. He was aroud 26-28 years of age. He was bulky and his muscles were toned. He smiled at me and I replied with same thing. He came close to me and said, my name is Mukesh.
I shook hands with him and said I am Jay Patel.
His hands were firm and I figured out this guy must be a good pushed while performing sex. And that tickled my asshole a bit. A small urge to have Mukesh’s anticipated big desi penis in my asshole shook me top to bottom.
Few minutes were left for the departure and we started talking with each other. He told me he works in a mill as an engineer. I said him about me and my work as well. He said he is married and going to native for holidays. I said I am single and I am going to native only.
The bus horn honked and people started to get in the bus. I went towards the window side and pulled my legs to ease up. Mukesh followed me and he slept beside me. I asked him if I shall pull the curtains. He said okay and I pulled it. As Mukesh pulled the cardboard’s temporary door made for the sleeper and we were literally but off from the remaining bus. Driver did not take much time to accelerate. And as this was the last boarding point of the city, the bus was only to halt for the dinner after some 100 kilometres. I was thinking about having Mukesh’s big desi penis in my asshole!
I was feeling a bit eyes were on window and I had a little nap. My ass was protrding towards Mukesh. Even he was trying to sleep now.
I don’t know when I was in sleep. I could only be conscious when something crawled on my ass. I woke. I turned and saw Mukesh sleeping beside me. He was really close to my body and his prick was touching my big ass. As he saw me he pushed himself back a little.
I acted as I was still sleeping and moved my ass towards his big desi penis. It touched e again tickling me nicely. Mukesh did not say anything and he let his prick touch my skin. Then he slightly put his one hand on my thigh and started to rub it. I was enjoying his courage and his touches.
And then he whispered in my ears, Come on whore wake up now. I know you are acting and not sleeping.
I turned towards him and asked, and how did you know that?
Mukesh said, I have fucked so many like you. From the first sight I knew you are a gay.
He pulled me near him and started to kiss me on my ears. Oh my god that sensation was so precious. I put my hand on his prick and started to rub it. It was already tight and waiting to come out of the pants. Mukesh eased himself by unzipping and taking out his manhood. Wow, as expected he had one big desi penis hidden in his pants. I did not waste a second and started to shake that shaft. Mukesh now unzipped my pant and pulled it down. My undies were in front of him and he had a good look at my big ass. He did the same thing with undies and my bare ass was in front of him.
You shave your ass? He asked me.
Yes… that keeps it nice and clean…. I said him.
Yes all gaandus do like that, as if they are women, Mukesh became sarcastic.
Now, come on suck my dick! He was showing bossy nature now.
I made position so I could be able to suck his shaft. And when I opened my mouth he simple placed his dick inside it. I started licking his shaft and balls nicely. That big desi penis was real hard thing to take fully in mouth. But I did my best to give it a try. Mukesh was moaning in low tone so other people would not hear him. I kept on licking him for about 2 more minutes. Then he pushed my head away, he must have been on the toes of ejaculation.
Now he pushed my body towards window again. My ass was near his dick now. He was about to fuck me with bare penis. And my mind thought of having safe sex.
Wait a minute, I said him and took out a condom from my wallet. I gave him the condom.
Look, gaandu is ready for it every time. He murmured and rolled condom on his big desi penis. He then placed his danda on my asshole and with one jerk tried to enter it. My ass was not that loose and he had to apply some spit. After the lubrication he was able to penetrate. He gave 2 more jerks and his entire dick was placed in my anal canal. I was feeling so nice as he started fucking my wet asshole. He placed his hands on my shoulders and held them to have balance. And then he was pushing his body to stroke his dick in my ass.
I was feeling great with each and every stroke from him. My ass had taste of big desi penis after long time. Mukesh did not stop till his hormones made him do so. He filled my ass with huge load of cum which was kept away from entering my ass with the condom wall. But I could still feel the warmth and the love. He took out his dick slightly and gave me the unrolled condom. I threw it out of the window.
Mukesh now gave me his big desi penis to suck. I started to lick it all over and cleaned it nicely. Mukesh was satisfied and he slept after dressing.
After we had dinner he fucked me once again in that running bus.
In the morning we reached to our home town. We exchanged our numbers and Mukesh promis

Indian Gay Sex With Pratap Singh

Names Are Misleading Sometimes

And you would believe with me once you have seen this Indian gay sex video. Ronak did it with Pratap Singh. Name sounds like some brave stud with dolley solley and all, isn’t it? But, Pratap is a gay guy who works with Ronak in a soap factory. Ronak is married but his wife left him because of his drinking habit. And he is not that rich who can afford prostitutes and hookers. So, even for him Pratap is right choice. Pratao started seducing Ronak when he came to know that later’s wife has dejected him. He would touch him on his thighs as he was working in factory. Or sometimes Pratap would show real daring by brushing his ass on Ronak’s dick part. Ronak said to himself one day, enough is fucking enough. And he grabbed Pratap when they were in night shift. They could not do much that day as it was factory premise. But they did not leave each other without a nice blowjob. Pratap sucked Ronak’s dick and swallowed all the cum.

Indian Gay Sex In Farm

And very next day they agreed to meet up in nearby farm. Ronak went prepared there. He masturbated in the afternoon itself so he could fuck Pratap for long time. Pratap started his Indian gay sex action by suckig Ronak’s dick once again. Ronak was on the highs due to that nice blowjob. And then he started pumpin Pratap’s bare asshole. Without using any lubrication or protection he simply rammed his long dick in Pratap’s ass.Pratap felt as if some iron rod has been penetrated in his gay asshole. And Ronak started pumping nicely. You can see his strokes intensity in this Indian gay sex video.
See how Pratap was fcuked hard as he stroked his average sized dick. Ronak was pumping him in doggy style and Pratap was trying in vein to wake up his dick. Leave your valuable comments on this video. (If you are experiencing any problems in viewing videos/stories/image; kindly send us information by using Contact Us button.)

Indian Erotic Gay Ganbang

You already seen in the first part how Gurmit with his two friends Sushil and Anup fucked me in my ass. Now as per Indian bollywood style I planned a strategy to get her ass fucked. And my plan was not for the Indian dicks; for punishment I thought about two Nigerian dicks of Steve and Jiu. Both these guys were my friend Atul’s friend. Atul stays in Ghaziabad and neither Sushil nor Gurmit know him. So we devised a plan to lure Gurmit. After 6 months of my erotic Indian gangbang we started the proceeding; so Gurmit does not sense anything suspicious.

Sudha Served As the Bait

Atul asked his girlfriend Sudha to lure Gurmit anyhow and bring him to a flat in Ghaziabad. She was to do that much and rest of the things were on us. Sudha did not agree in the start but later she agreed; as Atul gave some humbug story. Sudha started dating Gurmit and she soon asked him to come at this Ghaziabad flat. Gurmit had worn kurta pajama that day. We were hidden under the cort and Atul was in the other room with Steve And Jiu. Atul asked these guys to mastturbate once in the morning only so their dick stay erect longer when they bang Gurmit. Here Sudha brought him at the flat and she made him remove his clothes. As Gurmit went nude; I came out and took clothes and simply ran out. I knocked the next door; and Atul went to another room with Steve and Jiu. Atul asked Sudha to go out of the room immediately. Gurmit did not see me running; I mean he did not know who was it. When I came back; he was shocked to see me. I looked at him and said, “Saale Naagin aur ham se panga le ke tune bhul kar di. Tune Indian lund se meri gaand maari thi; lekin tere lie Indian nahi par west Indian jaise kaale lund le ke aaya hoon. Tere kapde aur ijjat ab mere hath me hain. Ab sidhi tarah gaand marwa ke chala jaa; warna yah dono tera rape bhi kar sakte hain.”
Gurmit started to have perspiration; his voice went low just like mine when I had been Indian gangbanged. He was shivering and added; “Yaar I am sorry; Tu mujhe jaaane de. Wo Sushul ka kiyadhara tha. Hum to ek dusre ke touch me nahi the.”
I slapped him hard and said, “Madharchod meri gaand to bade maje se le raha tha. Ab in west Indian saandh jaise African laudo ko dekh ke gaand fat gai teri. Chal ho jaa ulta aur le le inke kaale 10 inch ke lund.”
Steve said to Atul, “Damn man; your friend talks to much. Ask him to leave us alone with this white Indian ass.”
With white Indian ass he referred to Gurmit. Poor fellow came here to fuck a pussy and now became a pussy himself. I went few steps behind; Steve now came in front and dropped his pants. His 10 inch monster looked like a anaconda in his underwear. Atul went out of the room to make sure Sudha was away from this flat; he did not want her to here the screams of Gurmit. Steve and Jiu both were nude now and Gurmit has a big sorry and fear in his eyes. One more thing he was not aware of; I had put a handycam on the cupboard to make the clip. Steve pushed Gurmit on bed and put his throbbing black cock in his mouth. Gurmit could barely suck half the length of the dick. Steve slapped him hard and asked to deep-throat the cock. With a push he himself pushed the dick 75% in the mouth. Gurmit’s mouth was full of saliva and black cock now. Jiu was shaking his dick with his hands now and he adjusted Gurmit to position his ass. He applied some white cream on his dick and opened Gurmit’s sexy ass. He told, “Boy, you got perfect Indian ass. And you know I love Indian ass.”

Nigerian Cock In Indian Ass

Before Gurmit get any chance to stabilize; he had his ass filled with a large black cock. He was screaming with pain in the ass. But both the guys were not having any pity of him. I watched the duo fucking Gurmit for more than 30 minutes. When they were about to finish they put the dicks in his mouth and emptied loads of cum. Gurmit was having tears in his eyes. But for me it was a great sight to watch. Jiu slapped Gurmit and told him; “Hey bitch dress up now. We have fucked you like aa whore. ”
I gave Gurmit his clothes and told him, “Kyun benchod kaise laga ab. Gaand me badi khujli thi na tere. Ab kaise laga jab 10 inch ke laude teri gaand me dalwaaye to.”
Gurmit looked at me furiously and added, “Teri maa chodunga aur ek baar dekh tu.”
I could not control my smile,  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha..Laude ke baal teri movie isi lie banai hai. Dekho wo camera.” I pointed my fingers towards the camera.
I added further, “Bhosdi ke kisi ko bolna mat aur aage kuch gaand masti ki to teri maa aur chodunga. Aur tujhe gaandu prove karne ke lie apne scene is video se nikaal ke teri mangetar Anu ko bhi dikha dunga. Saale sidhe rahio nahi to maa chod ke rakh dunga…!”
Gurmit dressed up and he know he was not in any position to revenge for his ass fucking. I knew his Indian revenge mentality so I had my plan in the action from the first only. Now it was Sushil’s turn. And I fucked her sister Madhuri to get revenge from him; for him getting ass fucked was a pleasure. Will narrate how I fucked Madhuri some othe day….Bye….!

Fun with a Handsome Young Man

Hi. I am Arun. 26. Legal adviser in a big company. Fair skin, slightly overweight, plump and less hair, womanly gait when walking. We, that is, my mother and father and me, were living in a rented house in Chennai, five years ago, when I started studying Law 1st year in Chennai. We lived in a smaller portion while the houseowners lived in the bigger portion. There was a one room out-house which was used by the house owner's son as his 'den'. The house owner had one son, who was quite manly and good looking but was not shining much in his studies. When I was in my first year, he was studying B Com, 3rd year. When I saw him for the first time back then, I felt greatly attracted to his body. He had big eyes, good fair skin, fine lips and well formed pretty ears. I did not express my feelings for him or do anything as I was to concentrate on my studies and grades. As I was living with my parents I did not want them to know my feelings for this young man. I completed my Law Degree with good marks from a local, private Law college. This incident happened a few weeks back. I wanted to have another look at him and try my luck and see if I can have some pleasant time with him. I went to his house in Chennai. He greeted me warmly when he saw me. He told me that his parents had passed away and I said I felt sad to hear the news. He told me that he let out both the portions of his house for the rental income and was living in one room out-house and was employed as a Clerk in one of the companies in Chennai. He was yet to be married but as there was no one to search for suitable matches for him, the matter is pending. I told him fearlessly and frankly (as my parents are not there) that I wanted to perform an oral job upon him, and that it was a long standing dream of mine. He told me that he would welcome it as it gives happiness to him also. We went into the bathroom where I washed his rod clean. I also washed my own body, just hoping for some fun for me too. After we went into the living/sleeping area of his one room apartment, I asked him to please close the door and windows and sit on a chair. He said that both his tenants had gone on jobs and the maid who does the cleaning and cooking for him had already left and no one would disturb us and that there is no need to close the door as the outside compound gate is bolted close. Later I came to know that that gate can be opened from outside also unless the inside latch is secured. He said the open windows would blow in some cool air as Chennai is a hot place and the room also had no air-conditioning. The room would become unbearably hot if the windows and doors are closed, he told me. We settled ourselves, he on the chair and I on the floor between his legs. I pushed aside his lungi and took out the rod and examined it for a minute, feasting my eyes upon it. It was five inches long and moderately thick. He was not circumcized. He said it was some weeks since he masturbated as masturbation made him feel lonely. I sympathized with him. I moved the foreskin back and forth which gave him immense pleasure. It was so juicy. There was quite a large flow of pre-cum from his member. I quickly turned my head and caught the flow of pre-cum into my right ear. He was witnessing this in wonder. I told him that I get pleasure and an intense erection when I pour anything into my ears or when I put cotton into my ears. I took out my purse, fished out some cotton from one of the compartments in it and put some cotton into my ear to retain the heavy liquid in. I started licking him. He was moving his hips and was mouth-fucking me, adding to his pleasure. He stiffened suddenly and came into my mouth in five or six minutes. I was disappointed that he came so soon and went into the bathroom and spat out his ejaculate and washed my mouth and returned. I went to sit on his bed, took his head into my lap and kissed his forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips and chin to my heart's content. My tongue entered into his mouth and I tongued his teeth and gums and his tongue to my heart's content. I probed his ear canals with my tongue happily. I sucked on his nipples. I put my finger into his anus. I squeezed his hips and played with his pubic hair. It was heaven for me. I smelled and licked his armpits. Wow. What a lovely experience, it was. I did all those things that I had dreamed about all these years when I was masturbating. When I was doing this, he took my rod into his hand and was rubbing it. I asked him to stop, as I may lose interest in his body if I reach climax and ejaculate. He said my oral upon him was over, so why bother. I told him that I felt like doing it again and again as he did not last long in my mouth. Due to the action of my lips on his body and my tongue in his ears, he regained his hard again. I had taken him again into my mouth and continued sucking him. It was a heavenly feeling for me. I was fulfilling a long standing dream of performing an oral upon him, such a good looking young man. A few minutes before he climaxed, he started rubbing my penis and I flooded upon his fingers and palm, just seconds after he emptied himself into my mouth. Later. we went to the bathroom to clean my mouth. I lied down on the floor with my left ear looking up. I asked him to direct his stream of urine and empty himself forcefully into my ear. He did. He pinched the skin at the tip of his penis to make the urine stream small but forceful. The urine stream filled my ear with warm fluid and great noise. The warm shower into my ear gave me great pleasure. He took out the flexible tube with the body shower head and streamed more water into my right ear also for a few of minutes as he said he cannot pass urine for more than a few seconds. He turned on the storage water heater for one minute to just warm the water inside and streamed a water jet into my right ear. I had a big hard on. I washed my hair, took a bath and came into the room. After we came back I noticed suddenly, that a dark-skinned young woman was looking wide-eyed into the room through the window. She was his maid, who came to tell him that she would not be coming next day, as she was going to her village. She explained that as we were in intimate positions, she felt fear to disturb us, she kept away, though she saw the whole thing. I requested her to keep this to herself and not tell anyone about my sucking his penis. She agreed, blushed and went away. I made a firm resolve to close all doors and windows in future, before I perform 'orals' upon any one. Upon my request, he reluctantly gave me an oral. It was heaven for me to receive an oral from a man about whom I dreamed for many years when I was masturbating. I told him that I was cum-ming before I did, and he masturbated me with his hand. He was particularly interested in my hips. Hips were his fetish like EARS are mine. He pressed and gently squeezed my hips. He put his finger into my anus and massaged me there gently. We lied down on his bed and I was probing his mouth and teeth and gums and his ear canals with my tongue when his hand and fingers were probing my hips and anus. Heavenly. I stayed in his room for four days and happily performed orals upon him several times. We exchanged our mobile phone numbers and promised to keep in touch with each other for such pleasures in days and months to come. I invited him to visit me when he comes to Hyderabad, where I am presently employed.

My friend Gopi

Hi friends, My name is Deepak. Friends call me Di. I am a regular reader of KE. I really like Keralites. I find them very sexy. They have nice strong hairy bodies which I find very attractive. Although I am a North Indian and have a wheatish complexion with a thin athletic body, I like dark and muscular guys. This story is about one such Keralite friend of mine called Gopi. Actually, he was working under me and I was supposed to be his boss. But we were quite friendly and close, as we used to respect each others capabilities at the office. Besides, he was a very sincere person. This was about 10years back when I was young and had just joined my job as an young engineer and he was a technician under me. I was 23 and he was slightly older, may be 27. For a particular project the Company sent us to Ahmedabad. We were put up at a rented accommodation in Navrangpura which was quite a posh locality. There were nobody else in that apartment of five rooms. Only a Nepali cook would come in the evening to make our dinner. Although some Company people used to come and go every once in a while, we had to be there for more than three months as we were installing some equipment at a factory in Anand. We were allotted one big double room with an attached bath, a big double bed, a large wardrobe and a dressing table with a mirror. We used to travel early in the morning by train to Anand carrying heavy tools and equipment in our hands, and return late at night very tired. On some days we would work till late at night and return early in the morning. We would then sleep the rest of the day and enjoy ourselves in the evening. Since both of us liked fish we would go out hunting for a non-veg restaurant that served fish. There was one in Kalupur which we used to like. Since Gopi was hot and sexy, I was attracted to him from the very first day. But being the boss, I had to keep my distance. At night he would sleep in his lungi and banyan and I in my shorts and t-shirt. But we kept to our own sides of the bed in the beginning. At night, I would wake up and admire his sleeping form in the soft light from outside. He was too sexy. Sometimes I could see his hot hairy legs sticking out from his lungi and tried many times to see his member without any success. He would sleep with a white brief and that is all I could see. I used to fantasize about his member and wonder what it could be like. When we were together, quite often I would take a shower while keeping the bathroom door slightly open. I had seen him sneaking a look at me many times through the crack. So I knew I had my chances with him. I would then come inside the room in my undies all wet and fresh and comb my hair wearing nothing else. It used to give me a high watching my own lithe figure in the almost full length dressing table mirror and invariably I would get a hard on. I would watch Gopi looking at me from the back in the full length mirror and wondered how long it would take him to succumb. Then I would put on my tight jeans and wriggle my ass pretending it is too tight. This would invariably make him quite excited and many a times I have seen him get up. But he would fall back the moment he thought I was watching him, or I turned to face him. I am sure he could see the bulge in my crotch when I turned. Then finally one day, it happened. I had received a parcel from my home and was particularly happy. I forgot all about Gopi and went for a shower. When I came out, as per my habit I was in my undies and I started combing my hair in front of the mirror. I was humming a tune to myself and did not even remember that Gopi was in the room. I did not realize that he was watching me from the bed. Suddenly he got up and held me tightly from behind. His right arm was around my chest pinching my left nipples, while his left hand was gripping my balls. For a second I was shocked. Then he kissed me on the nape of the neck and said, "Di, you are too sexy, yaar, and I cannot resist you". I was in heaven. That is exactly what I wanted. I turned and kissed him on his lips. He grabbed me tighter and pushed his tongue inside my mouth. His manly smell was overpowering. He was sucking vigorously and I almost thought he is going to pull my tongue out. Luckily he let go after some time and started chewing my lower lips. It hurt quite a lot but I was really getting excited. This guy had the hots for me and I too wanted him like mad. After some time he started kneading my full round buttocks while still kissing my lips. As he forcefully massaged my butt, my penis started making a tent through my briefs. Since by now he was facing me, I could feel the hardness in his crotch as well. I wondered what it was like inside his pants, when he lifted me off the floor and half carried me, and half dragged me to the bed. He dumped me unceremoniously on the bed on my back with my legs hanging from the bottom touching the floor. He quickly yanked off his lungi and his brief. He was wearing just a banyan and he pulled that over his head. Now he was completely naked in front of me. That's when I saw his dick for the first time. It was big and thick with a mushroom head. It was at least 7 inches, and, 2 and a half inches in diameter. His body was all muscle from hard work, as if curved in stone. It was a mouthwatering sight to behold, and I wanted to suck him there and then. In a moment he was on top of me grinding his his crotch over mine. I could feel his naked cock through the thin fabric of my brief, while his up and down motion was creating a delicious sense of rubbing on my prick. All this time he was kissing me all over, my face, my neck and my chest. Till finally, his mouth settled on one of my nipples and started sucking it hard. There was still some water on my body and he sipped every droplet he could find. With his other hand he was pinching my other nipple quite painfully. Here was a guy who was really forceful in his lovemaking and I liked that. Very soon the hand that was pinching my nipple went down and he yanked off my brief. He started stroking my cock vigorously. I was in heaven. My member was stiff and erect and it was oozing precum. He scooped some of that precum from the tip of my penis on his finger and inserted it into my anus. I folded my legs and put my feet on the edge of the bed to allow him better access. He was moving his finger in and out and I started moaning. Ahhhhhh......, I said. After some time he scooped some more precum and inserted two fingers and then three. I was stretched like anything and moaning like hell. AAAAAHHHHHH, Oh God, Aaaaaahhhh. I kept shouting and thrashing my butt. I was thrashing about like mad and I could see he was enjoying that. He was enjoying the pleasure he was giving me but I could not hold back any more and I came. I came in big bursts of white juice which I could no longer hold back. It was all over my stomach and pubes and some of it got mashed up on his tummy and thick dark pubic hair as well. This sort of made him disappointed and angry and he got up. I too sat up on the bed to see what he was doing and his huge member was dangling right in front of my face. "Suck me, you fuck", he said, and I was only too eager. I took his member in my mouth and started sucking like mad. It was too big and I could not take all of it. So I licked the tip which was full of precum and poked my tongue under the foreskin. His precum tasted salty and sweet. It was yummy. I then peeled back the foreskin and his mushroom head was all too visible. It was purple and engorged and was too exciting. I rolled my tongue all around it and then started bobbing my head back and forth with his member in my mouth. This made him excited and he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face hard onto his pubes. My cum was still there on his pubes and belly. My nose and face was rubbing in my own cum while his erect dick was stuck down my throat. I gagged several times. Each times he would release me and then push my face back again. After doing this for about ten minutes I could feel his cock grow even bigger and finally he came. I could feel the hot juices hitting the back of my throat. he held me tight and it slid down before I could taste any of it. I made a mental note to taste it the next time. I drank it all up and then slurped on his dick some more till it was clean. He then lifted my head slightly by my hair and made me lick my own cum from his belly and pubic hair. I had to suck on his pubes for a long time and wet it with my saliva before it would all come out and he seemed to enjoy my predicament. No words were spoken. After that we both had a bath together where he soaped me with care. I wanted to go down on him once more but we were getting late for work. He quickly finished his bath while I toweled myself and very soon we were out on the streets going to the station. At the factory he was again the sincere and obedient assistant that he was and there was not even a touch of insolence or derision in his manners. I couldn't wait for the day to end, for I knew that once we were back in our room, the fun will really start again. More of what happened after that in my next few stories. Please email your feedback so that I can improve my writing and make them more hot to read. Thanks.

Oral Job in Delhi

Hello. I am Arun from Andhra Pradesh. I am 26, unmarried, working in a Private Company in Hyderabad. I had to go to New Delhi for attending to some office work. Office work was completed earlier than planned. I had to spend 3 days time there before I could board my train to Hyderabad, as train reservation was already done. It was 11 o' clock in a nice morning. I was sitting on a cement bench in a nice park to pass time. I heard a voice and noticed a handsome, well built young man of about 30, talking into his mobile phone. He was speaking in Telugu, my native language. He might have thought that not many people would understand his language and was speaking louder than normal. He was telling the other person on phone that he would arrive at the other's house the next day at around 9 o' clock in the morning and that they could happily spend time doing oral jobs on each other and to ensure that they are alone and are assured privacy. He came to sit on the bench and noticed me and was taken back, but apparently recovered his composure. He smiled and said 'Good Morning'. I inquired about him and told him about myself and told him that I also am from Andhra Pradesh. I confessed to him that I had overheard his side of the conversation. He felt shy and appeared slightly uncomfortable. I assured him that I am also like him and would he kindly permit me to give him an oral job, if he is 'clean'. I told him that I am free from diseases as I fellated one person only so far on three occasions and that the other person did not ejaculate into my mouth. He appeared visibly relieved and said he would be happy to do as I proposed. We went out of the park, hired an autorickshaw and went to his one room bachelor accommodation. We purchased some condoms before getting into the auto. During the ride in the auto, I requested him to lie down with his head in my lap and happily played with his hair, cheeks and his ears. As soon as we entered into his room, he removed his dress and wore a lungi. His hard on was easily visible as a tent in his lungi. He offered me also a lungi to make myself more comfortable. I wore the lungi and asked him to sit on a chair and I squatted on the floor between his legs. He took out his penis and offered it to me. He again asked me if I am 'clean'. I assured him that I was. I took his rod into my hand and moved the foreskin so delightfully for me and happily for him. He started a big dribble of pre-cum. Lovely liquid. I turned my head and caught the flow into my right ear. I took out my purse and took some cotton from one of the compartments in it and put the cotton into my ear to keep the liquid in. He was looking at me in wonder. There was still some more pre-cum going to 'waste'. I filled my left ear also with his secretion and put cotton into it also. It was a heavenly feeling for me to feel the heavy liquid sloshing inside my ears. He asked if I would not get ear ache. I told him I love the sensation and ear ache occurs sometimes and not every time. He evinced interest in filling his ears too. I assured him that I shall attend to that need also. But first I had to lick him to my and his heart's content. I took his moderately thick, 5 inch rod into my mouth and started licking. I forgot covering him with the condom, in my happiness. Even though he was fair skinned, his rod was darker than his body. My hands were pressing his thighs and the back of his knees. He felt ticklish. He was moaning and moving in mouth and was thoroughly enjoying. After about fifteen minutes he cummed into my mouth and after ejaculating, he said that I did not hear him. And that it was so wonderful an experience for him to come into some one's mouth. I told him that I understood. I spat out his semen and wiped my mouth and lips clean with my handkerchief. I embraced him to my heart's content and felt happy in touching and kissing him everywhere. We got up and went to his bed. I sat near the head of the cot and asked him to lie down with his head in my lap. I gently touched his eyes, forehead, nose, cheeks and lips and his beautiful, well-formed ears. I kissed him all over his face. He closed his eyes in pleasure, thoroughly enjoying the sensation. My tongue entered into his mouth and we had a lip lock kiss for many minutes. I turned his head first to one side and then to the other side and probed both his ear canals with my tongue, which made him happy. He said that he never imagined that his ears would give him so much pleasure. I was having a hard on again. I took out my manhood and moved the foreskin back and forth to bring about a happy sensation and to leak pre-cum. A number of drops of pre-cum came out which I dropped directly into his right ear. It was almost full. I got up, went to the kitchen area, hunted for a spoon and came to his body and looked to see if there was some semen still ready to flow from his rod. There was quite some which came out in a few seconds after I started rubbing and stroking him. I caught the semen into the spoon. I stopped it there and came to his head, filled the right ear with his own semen and put cotton into it. I turned his head and poured the remaining semen into his left ear, drooled some saliva from my mouth into his ear to fill it up and closed it with cotton. He felt greatly excited with his new experience. I buried my face in his right armpit and smelled it and licked both his armpits to my full satisfaction. He got up from my lap and sat on the cot. He requested me to stand before him. My penis came to the level of his face. He examined me for a moment, asked me again if I am free from disease and after I told him that I am, clothed my rod with a condom and took me into his mouth. I felt a shiver going through my body. I closed my eyes to avoid visual distraction and concentrated my thoughts on the touch sensation I was getting down there. I moved slightly to mouth fuck him. He was glad to slurp and did an excellent oral job on me. This went on for about 15 minutes. I told him that I was cumming before I came. He could not hear me. I tapped him on his shoulder and indicated my urgency. He took mine out of his mouth and stroked me and I came all over his chest, stomach and thighs. He wiped himself clean with his lungi and wiped my rod of its wetness. We both lied down on the cot for an hour. Afterwards we went to his bath room and had washed each other clean. I thanked him profusely for his co-operation. He too thanked me for the unforgettable incident. We went out to have lunch in a nearby restaurent. After lunch, we went to see a cinema. As he paid for the lunch and the auto ride, I paid for the cinema tickets. In the darkness in the cinema hall, which was half empty, we both had wonderfully explored each other's bodies. I took his mobile number, just to ensure a similar happiness for me and him, if and when I come to Delhi. I gave him my mobile number and invited him to contact me when he comes to Andhra Pradesh and he assured that he would be coming sooner or later as it is his native state. We parted with a lip kiss in a secluded corner in the cinema hall. I did not disturb him the next day as he would be busy with the planned incident with his friend. On the third day, I phoned him for some more fun. He said he would be busy during the day, as he had to attend to the office, but asked me to come around during the night. I went to his room at around 8 PM. As I always liked, I tongued his ears and fellated him to my heart's content. He performed an oral upon me. I requested him to put his tongue into my ears. He hesitated but did so and I felt so happy. He said he also did not dislike the experience, as much as he feared he would dislike it. I pressed his hips and asscheeks and inserted my finger into his rectum much to his happiness. He also did the same to me. I felt unhappy when I had to leave. New Delhi is a wonderful place, for one more reason.

Say No To Masturbation

It was raining heavily for the last four to five days.We are almost stranded at home and life was boring.we are happy to see the Sun shining today.In order to refresh and relax a group of friends made a programme to visit the nearby zoologycal park Nandan Kanan. Our list of friends are of the same age group and eight in number.We are in the same class also.This scenario has facilitated us to talk and discuss matters that include study,love,sex which are normal and common at our age. One thing that I must make it clear that we have very recently attained adulthood and repeatedely exchanged the process and experience of attaining adulthood.We had slow itching at the penis tip for quite some days.The itching increased progressively and necessitated rolling the skin and also keep on closing & opening of the skin on penis head.That night the itching was on the high which required vigorous opening & closing of the skin on penis head.All of a sudden an electric wave ran through all over the body,shudder and shiver in the whole body,there was chill & romance and finally a lkump of white fluid flushed out…the first fall out of semen….the proof of adulthood with unimaginable thrill The enjoyable experience persuasive for us to masturbate three to four times a day.Even myself and close friend Amit masturbate in the school urinal.Sometime Amit takes my penis in his hand and put his dick in my palm to masturbate each other.We really enjoy. Amit and me(Miku) are close and intimate.Amit is jovial and joyful in nature.One thing I always notice in him is his peculiar habit …whenever I urinate he would come closer to me and pull out his penis and urinate simultaneously…sometimes masturbate in case his dick is erect and say hey Miku see my beautiful hard penis waiting to find a hole to penetrate…jovially say Miku give me your firm round butts to let me push my dick in your ass hole…he would stand at my back and grab me from the back….occassionally put his finger at the partition of butts in a way that tip of his finger along with fabric of my pant slightly enter into the ass hole. One thing is common that when ever he gets it lonely he would squeez the butts or nipples. Well we all went to Nandan Kanan and moved around.At the tiger enclosure ther was something interesting to see.Amit shouted from the back..hey Miku stop there let us see what happens.The male tiger was chasing and teasing the tigress.The tiger would try to grab the tigress from the back at the hip or some times lick her pussy.The tigress would sharply react with great reluctance and run away.But the tiger follows her and repeat to tease.Finally after many attempts the tigress responds...calmly seats on her legs and invites the tiger waving the tail joyfully.The red penis of the tiger gets exposed…droplets of fluid drops down…he would put his front legs on the hip and grab the tigress…the red penis finds its way deep into the pussy of tigress.Both of the animal looked very very happy and lie in the position for a considerable time.Suddenly they made peculiar sound and their hip moved…they remained very tight to each other and separated thereafter.Amit squeezed my butts and with a smile said hey Miku I want your butts to repeat the act of the tiger.He usually is jovial but today appeared serious. We were back home by evening.When we reached my house rain started again with heavy down pour.The rain never stopped. My Mom asked Amit to stay with us in the night and she informed residence of Amit by phone. We had dinner togather.Myself and Amit moved to my bed room .I had a single bed to sleep and we managed to accommodate side by side. Amit put his hands on my butts and said… hey miku after seeing the mating of tigers in the zoo I am very much excited…see my penis fully erect with desire to push into some hole…he squeezed my butts and told please give me your hole for a prick… don’t deny please…you will enjoy the experience….I will be slow so that you won’t feel any pain….please give me…please please. I was curious and asked Amit how he knows all this.I will tell everything about my experience but promise me to allow penetration of my penis in your ass hole.I was excited too and said OK but for once only. Amit said … you know my relative Anup he is two years elder to me.From childhood we used to sleep in the same bed at night.Suddenly just two year back I found some change in him.He started kissing me on cheeks and lip.When it is lonely he would almost lift me and take to a remote corner…tightly embrass…move to my back and take me on his lap to rub my butts on his pubic region…his breathing will be very fast and I find some sticky patch on his pant.Then he give me a éclair chocolate which I like very much. One day in the night I was not asleep…Anup slowly started rubbing over my butts… then gently squeezed one after the other….ran his finger in the partition of butts… he made way through the opening of one leg of my half pant and inserted his erect penis….he made the penis to move on the butts and placed it right on the ass hole….he pushed the dick slowly and slowly to penetrate into the hole.At this point I made a little movement and he pulled out and turned to pretend as if in deep sleep. Next day he made the sensual love making with me twice and gave two éclair chocolate.Then he showed me a big Cadbury chocolate pack and said in the night I am going to do something with you…if you oblige without any shouts and never tell any body then I will give this big pack of Cadbury chocolate to you and repeat it daily if you agree every day.I nodded my acceptance. In the night he asked hey Amit do you remember what I have said.If you want to say NO then tell it now.Looking at the chocolate pack I firmly said YES.He pulled my elastic pant down to knees .I was not wearing anything on top.I was naked now.He undressed himself.He applied lots of saliva on my ass hole and on his erect penis.Made me sleep on my stomach.I stretched my butts to both sides the way he asked….he rode over me…he was on his knees placed on both sides of my hips…..he positioned the tip of his penis on the ass hole and slowly pushed in… there was little pain but I acted bravely and the entire penis penetrated into the ass hole…he made to and fro motion at first slowly which gradually gained pace with time…he then made sounds oh..ohh…ahh..ahhhhhhhhhhhh and grabbed me tightly…kissed and kissed…his dick which was no more hard came out automatically and he turned to my side.He regularly does this every night and I enjoy the bliss. In the process of narrating his experience Amit unbuttoned and pulled down my pant and opened the shirt.I was lying naked on the bed by his side.I too was very much excited and thrilled to have the experience of fucking in the ass hole.My body shivering with sensual pleasure.There was tickling and shaking in and around the anus.I was eagerly waiting for the moment when Amit would penetrate his penis deep for anal fucking.Meanwhile Amit undressed himself.Both of us now fully naked lying side by side on the same bed.Amit was visibly happy because his desire going to be fulfilled.He took me in his arms and kissed on lips.He moved the palms on my butts…ohh it is firm and smooth and hard..his finger made rounds on the ass ring…took my penis in his hand and gave his to mine.our fingers caressed the bunch of pubic hair and admired the hardness of erect dicks.I brought the bottle of oil from the bath room and applied sufficiently on the erect penis of Amit .Meanwhile Amit lubricated my ass hole.He sat and stretched his legs to both sides….his lubricated dick shining and jumping with joy.I opened up my legs to both sides of his hip and positioned the ass hole on the pink head of his penis.My hands rested on his shoulder and his hands carefully grabbed my waist line….he penetrated his dick into the ass hole and I carefully pushed my anus to take in the dick.No doubt there was pain but I managed with wooo…..woww…ahh.His whole tool was inside the anal hole and I was sitting on the bunch of his pubic hair.Amit gently made me lie on my back and took the legs on his shoulder.He was on his knees now and held my hand in his arm…his face came closer to me and our lips locked….his hips moved in a way to pull-out and push-in the dick into and out of anal hole.He then uttered ahhhhhh…….oh…ohhhhhh…wahhhhh and pace of stroking increased.Amit said ohhhhhhhh….ohhhhhhhh..Miku I am filling your ass hole….take it….take it ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. What a bliss…what a pleasure and stopped with his arms tightly holding me. Hey Miku I have finished. He was lying on his stomach on the bed… his butts on top.He invited me….it is now your turn Miku…take me now…fill my ass hole with your load of semen discharge…take me…take me.He oiled my penis…positioned himself on his belly in the bed…widely opened the butts to both sides.I jumped on him and in a jerk penetrated the whole of penis in his ass hole. When I finished Amit asked how was the experience..I said enchanting….thrilling….blissful.From now on SAY NO TO MATURBATION and now on daily……………………………………………………

What happened Next with Gopi

Hi, this is Deepak again. Di for you. Thank you guys for liking my story and writing back to me. Now I am encouraged to write what happened next with Gopi. As you may recollect, Gopi was my assistant while I was his boss working in Ahmedabad and staying in an apartment in Navrangpura. After I managed to seduce Gopi, we both went off to work for the day. While he was very strong and dominating in bed, at work he never let that come in the way and listened to whatever instructions I gave him as the boss. Except, once in a while he will give me a wink and say, "Tonight…", in an ominous sort of way, making my dick harden and throb. That day we had to work till late at night. We had dinner at a roadside dhaba at Anand and managed to reach Ahmedabad at 4 in the morning, tired and full of grime. But the moment we reached our apartment he made me drop my briefcase. He dropped his toolbox with a bang and dragged me to the bedroom. I protested that it is too late and we should freshen up first, but he would have nothing of all that. He pushed me to the bed and started ripping off my clothes one by one. "Hell, I have waited all day and throughout the night for this moment and I cannot wait any longer", he said. Within minutes he had me naked and panting, sitting on the edge of the bed. My shirt was ripped off, and my banyan pulled off over my head. My brief and trousers were bunched up below my knees as I was still wearing my shoes. My dick was pointing straight up. He had managed to take off his shirt and vests by then, showing me his gleaming torso all so manly and muscular. Then he did something I had not imagined he would. He bent down on his knees and took my dick in his mouth. Oh my God. His warm mouth simply engulfed my 6 inches and sent my head spinning. His tongue was rolling around the tip of my penis and driving me crazy with lust. Then slowly he untied my shoe laces one by one and took off my shoes. Without taking my dick out of his mouth and sucking me wildly he removed my trousers and brief from around my legs. Then he let go of my dick with a loud plop. I was disappointed, but only for a second. He pushed me on my back on the bed and then bent my legs and forced a finger roughly into my asshole. I almost came. For some time he rubbed my hole vigorously. He even put his finger in his mouth to moisten it and put it back in my hole. Finding the going tough, he then put his finger on the tip of my dick, scooped some precum which was oozing copiously and pushed his finger back into my hole. He did this several times. Every time he put his finger on my dick the sensation was terrific. His lubed up finger up my asshole was driving me nuts. Then he slapped my ass cheeks and said, "Hmmm, almost ready". Then he got up from his kneeling position and took off his trousers and underwear. His large dick just shot up as it got free. I was mesmerized by its size and thickness. It was almost 8 inches and was oozing precum. I got up and tried to grab it, wanting it in my mouth. But he fell on me and started kissing me wildly on my lips. I could smell my own dick on his tongue. It made me even more horny and lustful. He kissed me on my lips, sucked in my tongue inside his mouth. Then he kissed my eyes and eyelids, then on my neck and finally started sucking on my nipples. First the left nipple, and then the right. He almost yanked them right off my chest, he was sucking so hard. He left red love-marks all over my upper half. Then he pushed me back and said in a rough voice, "You made me work all day and half the night, you dumbass". "You made me all sweaty and mucky". "Now it's your turn to lick it all off". I could not have asked for a better invitation. In a thrice I rolled him down and was over him. I started with his neck. Then his shoulders. Then I sucked on his nipples one by one. It was all very salty and very very tasty. As I started going down to his belly, wanting to go down on him as quickly as possible, he stopped me. His lifted one arm and indicated his armpits. As I hesitated, he grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face onto his hairy pits, and said, "Easy, Bossman, over here I am the boss". With that he gave my head a jerk and pushed me further into his armpits. I had no choice. I took out my tongue and started washing him clean. To tell you the truth, it was yummy. He had such a manly smell, it was sending me to heaven. After I finished with his left armpits, he lifted his right hand and I had to repeat the procedure. Finally he allowed me to move on. I brushed my lips over his tummy and could feel him quiver. I swirled my tongue around inside his belly button drawing a low grunt of approval. Finally he pushed me further down and I was allowed to engulf his manhood. Oh, what a mouthful. It was already wet with precum and I licked the salty fluid greedily. I moved my lips up and down the thick shaft a number of times then slowly took it out of my mouth. Then I peeled back the soft foreskin looking intently at the engorged purple head underneath. I took it all the way into my mouth and down my throat as far as it would go. I could hear him moan and groan. And I started bobbing up and down on his dick. I would let it slide all the way down as far as I could take, then take it out when I felt I would choke. He must have liked that as he started pushing his pelvic up to meet my mouth. Just when I thought he would come now he yanked me up with my hair. In a jiffy he had me lying down on my belly and I could feel his dick at the entrance of my hole. He was lubed with his own precum and my own saliva and slowly I could feel him push into my hole. Oh my God. He was too thick and too long. I was in pain. But I wanted him badly. We waited for the pain to subside, still holding me down with my hair. Then started pushing in again. Then he would withdraw slightly and push again and wait. I almost blanked out with the pain. But finally it was all in. I let out a sigh as the pleasure flooded through my guts. I have been waiting for this moment for a whole month. I was in heaven. Finally he started pushing in and out. I could feel his hot member sliding into my guts and coming back out only to be pushed back in within a second. He was grunting heavily and I was panting and thrashing about. After some time he pulled me up slightly on my knees into a doggy position and resumed the action. He was going faster and faster. I wanted him to come, because I could not take it any more. But, my God, he had some staying power. He took my member in his right hand and started pumping me. He was fucking me in a rhythm, and jerking me off at the same time. Very soon I could not take it any more, and came in big long spurts all over the bed. Seconds later I could feel him expand inside my rectum and felt him drench me with his hot cum. He took a long time, as he came in spasms, once, twice thrice and a fourth time and maybe a fifth. Even after he was spent, I could feel his member twitch and jerk inside me.Till finally he came out of me with a loud plop. A bit of his cum dripped out of my hole and I could feel it sliding down my inner thigh. Then he did another thing that I had not imagined he would. He poked out his tongue and licked the cum dripping down my leg and around my anus. Then he kissed my butt cheeks, slapped me once more on my butt and said, "Now you can go and wash up". I got up and ran to the toilet. I freshened up and as I was taking a shower he walked in. All swagger and fully naked. Even limp his member was a good 6 inches and his balls hung low between his legs. I was almost finished, but he ordered me to soap him. I soaped his upper body and under his arms. Then he pushed my head down and indicated between his legs. I lathered up the soap and got to work on his balls and dick. He peeled his foreskin back and asked me to suck the mushroom head. I was only too happy to oblige. He then took it out of my mouth and asked me to apply soap over there and rinse him well. After I did that he asked me to get out of the shower and wait inside the bathroom. When he was done, he handed me the towel and asked me to dry him thoroughly. Finally we were both done and he asked me to prepare some breakfast. I made some toast and eggs and brought it to him while he lolled in bed looking hungrily at me. We had the breakfast in bed and was soon fast asleep with me on my belly and his arms and legs all around me. Slowly slowly he took on a domineering attitude towards me. While in office he was still always the dutiful assistant, in the apartment I became his slave. I knew I had no choice because he could always tell everyone of my colleagues and I my reputation will be in tatters. But, at the same time I enjoyed the situation to the hilt. I will tell you more of his commanding manner and my submissive behavior in the next few stories to come. Please let me know how you liked this one. I love your feedback and your hot emails. Please keep them coming.

First time Gay Sex

I am 36 years old and a North Indian and this is a true story which took place around 16 years ago in 1995. I was 21 years old at that time studying in the third year my graduation. I was a very good student but I was very shy and a introvert as I had a very less friend circle and had no sibling. I used to remain at home most of the time. I did not have a gay orientation but I used to think about the male bodies and sometimes used to shag fantasizing about bollywood stars of that that time. Both my parents were working and used to remain out from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. My college timings were from 10 A.M. to 1.30 P.M. We had old maid, Savita Aunty who used to take care of our house. She had to leave for her village for some days for some urgent work. In his absence, my father deputed one of his employee namely ‘Karan’ to remain at home during the time we were away. Karan was around 29 years old, around 5’10”, clean shaven, slim with wheatish complexion. I am 5’9, clean shaven, fair and was slim too. I became quite friendly with him. I used to come at 1.30 and then we used to chat for long time and watch T.V. and he used to leave at around 3.30. At that time I never thought that he will introduce me to the wonderful gay world. Once we were watching wrestling mach on T.V. Karan asked if I would like to wrestle with him. I said yes and wrestled for a long time. Then we used to wrestle everyday. Sometimes we both used to stop wrestling and just lie hugging each other. I just used to love hugging him and loved his body odour. This became a routine and this continued for 4-5 days. I even used to feel the bulge of his cock. Then we used to sit very near to each other while talking and watching T.V. Once Karan told me show my chest. I showed him. He said he liked my smooth chest and touched my soft nipples. Then he showed his hairy chest. I touched his chest hair and felt really nice. By now, I had started fantasizing about Karan while shagging. One day, there was strike in our college so I came home at around 10.30. We both started wrestling and as usual ended up hugging. He hugged me very tightly that day and I also did the same. He suddenly kept his lips on mine. It drove me crazy and I opened my lips. At this, he started sucking my lips. He soon reached my tongue. I also started sucking his lips and tongue. He then removed my shirt and vest and then removed his shirt and vest also. I really loved the feel of a naked body on mine. He reached my nipples and licked it and then he started sucking them. I simply loved it and started moving my finger in his hair. Then Karan removed my pants and underwear and then I removed his pants and underwear too. Karan again started smooching. Our dicks our meeting each other. Karan again reached my nipples and now he started biting them. I did not stop him. He became more violent now and started biting my nipples very hard. I enjoyed this pain too. I felt as if he was my master and I have to do everything to please him and then told me to suck his nipples. His nipples were hard but I sucked them very gently as I did not want to hurt him. He really enjoyed and then he pulled me from my hair and pushed me to his cock and put it into my mouth. He really had a very big and a juicy dick. He Pulled me from my hair and pushed it in and out. He then reached my virgin ass hole but his dick did not enter the same. He then applied veseline in my hole and reached inside me but It pained a lot. He then removed Vaseline from his dick and again put it into my mouth. I sucked him very nicely. He cumed on my body and shagged me with his hands. We then took bath together and then he left. At night, I saw red marks near my nipples. I really loved them. They used to remain for two three days but new ones used to come again. Then I used to come home early everyday and used enjoy a lot. Karan used to be polite and respectful with me outside as I was his employer’s son but in bed he was very wild. I used to do what ever he wanted me to do in bed. He liked being sucked and I used to do it very nicely. We remained in relationship with each other for eight months and then I went for higher studies outside the city and lost contact with him. I had more relationships with men but this was the first one and very special. Please send ur feedbacks at Love Rohit

A Nice Gay Experience

Hi, I would like to tale you a nice gay experience with my cousin, who is 10 years elder to me.. It happened when I was 28 years old. I had few gay sexual encounters in my student life but this was amazing. I am a married man, experienced this just for enjoyment, however I had doubt about gay orientation of my cousin. This was later confirmed by his ex business partner who told me that my cousin was a bottom. Therefore I decided to try this. One day, when my wife was out of station, I called my cousin for a cocktail at home. We started drinks with light conversation. After two pegs he turned discussions towards sex. Initially he talked about love affairs and intimacy between young girls and boys, however later on he started talking about sexual orientation. He told me that now a days many men prefer gay sex to break the routine. Just to involve him deep in discussions, I told him that gay sex is against the nature and a sin. He argued and told me that gay sex exists from ancient age and many famous people were gay. He also told that animals too have gay orientation and quoted some examples. Discussion was getting deeper and deeper and I started feeling horny. He knew it. Now, I was expecting first move from him, however he didn't make any. We finished our drinks and dinner at 12.30 midnight, therefore I insisted him to stay for the night. he accepted it and we went to sleep in our bed room. Sleep was miles away from both of us and soon we started discussing again on same topic. We both were very horny. Suddenly I asked him, "have you ever experienced gay sex?". As expected, he replied "YES". I asked him about the enjoyment he gets in gay sex and he explained it in a very erotic manner. I asked him if there is anything wrong in having sex with a family member and he replied that it is even safer and confidential. This was enough signal. He pulled me towards him and took me in his arms. I could feel his hot breaths. Out of enjoyment, I kissed him on his leaps. Now our leaps were locked and we were kissing furiously. We started undressing each other and soon we both were in our birth suit. I was amazed to see his big cock. It was 8 inches long and almost 3.5 inches thick in diameter as compared to my 5 inches long and 1.5 inches very small tool. We touched each others cock. I was little nervous regarding his liking about my smaller cock and asked him that. He told me that he likes small cock as it is comfortable and pain less. He kissed my cock as a gesture and then slowly worked on it with his soft tongue. Soon my cock was deep in his mouth. He was a master of this art and moved his tongue over my shaft when my entire cock was inside. He also started fondling my balls. I was moaning out of pleasure and soon started ejaculating. He kept on sucking till I ejaculated last drop of my juice. Then we both went to bath room and took shower together. We were continuously kissing and fondling each other. After a very enjoyable shower we again poured drinks and lit a cigarette. We were still naked and were staring each other. Soon after finishing our drink we both were in each others arms. He again tried to suck my cock but I was very much impressed by his massive cock and wanted to taste it badly. He suggested me to come in six-nine position. It was a great experience as he showed his master class in sucking mine at one end and at other end his big tool was filling my mouth. I ejaculated again however his tool was still very hard. He told me that he can ejaculate only when some one penetrates him from behind. He took my flaccid cock in his mouth and started to work with his magical tongue. Soon I was hard again. He lie on his back asked me to push my tool inside him. It was a great experience for me as it was very tight. I stroked slowly in beginning but soon started pumping hard. We both were moaning in deep pleasure. I emptied my love juice in his nice tight anus. We kissed each other passionately and slept nude in each others arms. I woke up at four and felt the same pleasure. I opened my eyes and saw my cousin sucking my cock. I was hard again and we ended up with a nice oral sex. We enjoyed this many time after that day at his home as he had a separate room for him. Now I am 35 years old and he is of 45, however we both enjoy the sex whenever we get chance. Some times I think about him even while having sex with my wife & some times I masturbate when I am alone. I have already masturbated once while writing this true experience and going for a second round now. Yours Love

Dreamfucking turned Assfucking

It was a bright Saturday afternoon. Saturday the college closes at 1. I was too eager to get home to watch the Friends back to back episodes. The last hour was Sajan sir’s political communication. The Greek hero he was, he was discussing the New Media policies of the United States in covering political campaigns. But my entire focus was on his crotch. It was too tight and packed today. I could see the bulge. And when he walked past me, the whiff of air brought a manly smell to me. I sharpened my nose to get more. Anyway, I was too horny by the time the class wound up. I was about to leave for home with my gang, who by the way had no clue I was gay. I gave my bag to Anish and finished my restroom business. I almost reached the gate when I remembered that I forgot to submit my political communication assignment on “Indian media’s coverage of recent bypoll elections”. I asked the guys to move and told them I would join them in the evening in the usual place. I took my assignment out and ran for the faculty room which was located on the fourth floor. It was 1.40 by them. A part of me was super delighted that only Sajan sir will be there as others leave on dot. My hero usually stayed and worked out in the faculty gymnasium until the sun set. His wife apparently had office till evening on Saturdays. As I approached the door, I could hear him singing, “Nagnapaadayayi Akatthu Varoo” (Come in with bare feet). His manly voice sent a chill down my spine which finally reached the deepest craters of my kundi (ass) and gave me an instant orgasmic feeling. Composing myself, I walked in. Sajan sir had his legs on the table, pants folded up a little. I almost fainted seeing those hairy legs. I wanted to munch on his hair badly. He had unbuttoned his shirt down till his belly as it was hot. I couldn’t control myself seeing so much of black forest on his chest. Unfortunately his boobs and nipples were hidden. Odippoyi ente kunnan mone nakki thudaikkan thonni. “Hey come in, looks like you did not submit your assignment”. He was sarcastic. “Sorry sir, too many hours today. Well I came to submit it. Ippo cheythotte?” Submitting the assignment on his table, I was about to leave when I noticed one of his nipples popped out from his shirt. It was round and pointed. So pointed, he could fuck me with that. I just did not want to leave. I had a plan. “Sir, remember you asking me to discuss the third module with you? That is the one I messed up in the last test. I lost the first place because of that”. “We could do that now”. He looked at me sheepishly. We could do anything now. I thought. I went and sat in a stool near his desk. Close enough to grab that smell of his. Yeah, it started pouring into my senses. A mixture of man sweat and cologne. An hour went by as he explained the concepts to me. I made sure his hands touched mine ‘accidently’ from time to time. I observed him carefully in the process. A thick lump of wax was seen behind his right ears. A small dot of dirt was visible in a finger nail. A line of sweat droplets from his cheek fell on the book and smudged the ink. “ Sorry about that. The heat is unbearable. Sahikkan Vayya”. He said embarrassed. “Enikkum”. I swallowed the rest. “Do you mind me taking my shirt off? Once I start sweating, it doesn’t stop. That’s why”. “I don’t mind sir. In fact I kinda like it.” I took a bold step. “Engane? Manassilayilla”. He looked at me rubbing his chin. “Sir, you can yell at me or even beat me up if you get angry. But…. But I have this strong urge for you. Sirine kanumbol enikku valiya kadiya… sirine kanumbol ente bodiyil enthokkeyo”. “Appo nee gay aanoda? Enikku manassilavunnilla”. He asked me while he took his shirt off. For a minute I blanked out seeing his body. So hairy. So sweaty and moist. Nipples were more pointed than before. Belly button was deep as a crater. The brown skin of his was chocolate for me. He obviously noticed me stalking his body. I was somehow sure that he was positive about this whole thing. I had a strange feeling that he was horny too. My kunnan started getting back to the lessons and ignored me looking at him. But after a while, he started giving in. The first move was to drag his chair closer to me. When he looked into my eyes and choked his thick eyebrows, I kissed him suddenly on his stubble. His poky beard hurt my lips. “ I am happily married da.” He said in a hushed tone. “Even sexier sir”, I smiled and kissed again. The next moment, he held me tight and gave me a smooch. And then inserted his tongue into my mouth. We played French for a while. I liked every ounce of his spittle and at one point of time, he transferred a huge mass of flem into my mouth, which I happily swallowed ounce by ounce. He suddenly pushed me away. “Let’s get back to studies”. He started wearing his shirt. My move was to kiss his neck, his chest and belly over and over again. My face was totally drenched in his sweat. In the process, I sucked on his nipples. He moaned a little. Then I moved towards his armpits and buried my face inside. The smell was sexier than any smell in the world, I thought. He moaned again. A drop of his sweat fell into my ears. I shrugged with pleasure. I hugged him tightly and started sniffing every inch of his bare upper body. I was sure the real treat was coming up shortly. He pushed me away. “ Da don’t do this. Enikku thodangiya pinne nirthan pattilla. I just cannot stop till I am done. Vendeda. Namukku mathiyakkam kutta”. “Ente ponnu saare, enne enthu venelum cheytho. Ethra neram venelum cheytho. Pakshe ennodu pokan parayalle. Enikku sirinte paalu kudikkanam. Oro thulliyum nunanju kudikkanam. Please sir, do me”. “Verum paalalla ketto. Katti thayiranu. One glass of yogurt is what I will give you”. He smiled and to my surprise, got into the mood. He smooched me real hard. He licked all over his face with a moist tongue. Like a dog, he sniffed around my face. He bit my ears. I moaned in pain. His bit my hair. I bit his nipples in return. I was seeing the zeniths of ecstasy as his pointed and rimmed nipples rubbed on my tongue. Was there a spark in my kunna? I bet there was. My hero was so busy licking me all over. When he started stuffing my boobs into his mouth, I bit his ears real hard. I scratched his shoulders with pleasure. And the next minute, he spat a thick mass of flem into my mouth. I swallowed all of it. I straightened up and started licking his back until where his ass started. I smothered his whole body in my saliva. I was still hungry for more. “What colour undy are you wearing today sir”? I tried to get naughty. “See it for yourself? Are you ready”? He bit the tip of my nose. I returned the kinkiness by putting my index finger into his nose. He enjoyed it a lot. “Sir, paalu karakkan samayamai” He stretched horizontally on his chair. I touched on his zipper. Slowly pulled it down. To my surprise, he was wearing very hip amber boxers. He smiled with embarrassment. Pulling the pants down, I started sniffing like a pug on the boxers. An intoxicating smell of dried urine droplets pierced my nostrils. My kunna started seeing stars. He had a very enslaved submissive expression on his face. I was sure he was horny as hell. The next second, I pulled the boxers down. To my shock, the cucumber thick dick of his sprang outside onto my face. The manly smell that came out of it was just beyond words. It was cappuccino brown, thick and veiny, with a husk brown head. The thick foreskin had moved backward with the impact. I noticed his pee hole was big and the whole circumference was covered with white dick wax. I started licking and savoring his cock head. He started moaning with pleasure. His body started stiffening. I began my oral job. He was enjoying every bit of it. I throated his deep three to four times. We changed positions. We shifted from chair to table to the floor. I licked him all over and again stroked him hard. His dick started heating up and it was pulsating. When I stopped, he got on top of me and licked every inch of my body. He also gave me a long blowjob. I started getting horny like a bull dog. “Fuck me sir, it’s time. Fuck me”. I cried. “Veno da? Ithrayum mathi. Namukku nirtham. Njan ninte teacher alle? Matte paripadi venda”. I started crying literally. Seeing that, he threw me on top of the table and inserted his fingers into my hole. He fingered me for ten minutes while my face was buried in his chest hair. He inserted his dick alas into me. After stroking softly, his pace built up. He started fucking me like a motor. I shouted in pain. “Ponnu mone kutta. I love you da. Nine njan kalyanam kazhichotteda. Koothi mone, poori mone I love you da. Sir nine kettikotteda?” He smooched me all over while fucking me with all the thrust. We rolled on the floor to do 69 like snakes. He then fucked me on the floor. I then started licking his ass hole. He farted into my nose which made me want to have him all the more. He fucked me in all the positions. When he was doing the doggy, we smooched in a 130 degree angle. I bit his hair on his head and on his pubes. I knew he was ready to burst. He was snorting as well as ‘oomph’ing at the same time. As a closing act, I licked his cock and balls once more. There it is, his yogurt cum filled my mouth. It had a rich protein filled taste. I swallowed it slowly savoring every droplet. He fell on me. He was drenched in sweat. I kissed him all over. “I love you da”. He whispered in my ears. “Then pee on me”. I whispered back. “What? You sure?” He did not wait for my answer. He stood up and started peeing on me through his semi erect dick. His yellow pee bathed me in bliss. I swallowed the rest of it. It was only a beginning. I took his boxers home.

My Desire for Rough Men

This happened to me, when I had been to Tamil Nadu ,in a Village, for a project. The village was very primitive and most of the people there were lorry drivers. In that village, the lorry drivers come to take rest and booze. There we get good liquor and kallu. My Project was very easy and I stayed there alone for four days. I learned about a lot of things, about the village. There was mostly guys in the village and very few girls and families. In fact, the village was just a stay place for long distant driving lorry drivers. Most of the men there were dark skinned, with mustache and beard and dirty hair. They don't were shirts and they all walk with a lungi, sometimes, they don't wear anything inside, and walk freely. Well, I look fair and a bit tall, with good dress. So, every guy looks at me when I walk by. There is a small river running by the village where the drivers and cleaners clean their lorry. Sometime, I would just sit there looking all that hard bodied men, shirtless and sweaty, cleaning the lorries. I get turned on. One day, from the Kallu shop guy, I learned that there is a house they call "andha veedu", where any new prostitute crossing that way, can stay there and wait for any guy to come in and enjoy her, give her some money and after a few days, she'll leave. If the light is on, it means some one is available, and when the light is off, either there is no girl, or someone is getting fucked. He told me that mostly its a gang-bang, where men in fours or sixes go together, and fuck her one by one. Since, I wouldn't be going to the Village again, and no one knows me, I thought this was the right place to quench my thirst for hard bodied men. I decided to go to that house. It was a one roomed hut, which had only one mattress on the floor. It was in a deserted place, and with no huts near by. There was a dim light and some empty liquor bottles. I went in wearing nothing but an underwear with a laptop in my hand. My Laptop was filled with gay porn and many group sex and orgies. In just ten minutes, I saw six men walking towards the hut, and all of them were smiling at each other. When they saw me, they were shocked. They laughed at me and told me its not a place for guys like you. I told them that I knew exactly what place it was and asked them to come in. I closed the door after letting them in. Took my laptop and told them that I was going to show them something different. Then I showed them all the orgies. All the six men were turned on. I removed my underwear and stood naked in front of them and started jacking off, seeing it. All Six men looked very sexy to me. All were very strong, and hairy and dark. Some had bellies which was also like rock. Their Back was so strong and hard bodied hunks they were. I told them to remove everything and join me. They first hesitated and then one guy took off everything. I started sucking his cock , while other were looking at us. Cum oozed out of his cock and I drank it fully. I took his hands and lay down on the mattress and he started fucking me while others watched. I gave him a condom and I had around 10 condoms with me, and all wore one each. While I was being fucked, the others were jacking off, seeing us and after that one by one came and fell on me. Their way of sex was different. They didn't kiss much and fucking was very slow. but they squeezed me to death. when they first one finished me I could feel the pain of his strong hands, who hugged me so tightly when he fucked me. each of them fucked me for around half an hour or more. By the time, the last one finished, I was very tired and was sweating. My ass hole was also bleeding. I must say, that lorry driver's wives are very poor people, I don't know who those prostitutes handle such animal-like men. It was full of pleasure, but they really squeeze your whole body with their bare hands and when you touch their back, its very hairy and sweaty. They don't mind having someone whom thier friend has just finished. But, for some reason they don't fuck each other. If you want to contact me, send a mail to my email ID... :)

Sex in Sleep

Myself and my sister are two children to our parents.We live in a distant village of Khurda district.Ofcourse the village have school,college and hospital etc but are located at a distance.My father is a school teacher in the school.Mother is simple house wife.We have lots of landed property where we do agriculture. My sister is very good looking.Good height,fair complexion.In the college she was fondly called college queen.She has completed graduation.Very recently she was married to an officer in Bhubaneswar and settles there. Our family very happy with the news of pregnancy of my sister after few months of marriage.Being very close to Bhubaneswar I frequently visit my sister…atleast twice in a month.Bhaiya also loves me a lot. Meanwhile my exams are over and I have passed out with good numbers..My sister and Bhaiya sent message to send me to Bhubaneswar where I can be admitted to a good institute and pursue further studies.Further my presence in their lonely house would be of great help.My parents gladly accepted the proposal and I am now taken admission in a reputed high school and staying with Bhaiya & sister. The house has two bed rooms,a drawing room and good kitchen.I am given a room with bed and table,chair for study.Bhaiya loves my sister very much.After her pregnancy he helps in cooking and other domestic works where I also assist substantially. Seeing Bhaiya doing lots of help my sister has asked me to give him a good massage in the night before he retires to bed.Every day Bhaiya comes to my room and I give him a good massage.At the end he would say Amit what a hand you have…all my muscles are beautifully relaxed but one thing you have to remember that you give massage to legs up to hips but completely leave the butts & hip.Those area is fleshy and more tired therefore requires more attention. Bhaiya is slim and averagely built.He wears a lungi and prefers to keep his body uncovered.While I massage from toe to the thighs the lungi goes up and up that exposes some portion of the butts and balls from back side are fully visible.I stop at that point and massage in reverse to cover the lungi again.Since Bhaiya has already made a comment I made massage to hips and waist.As a result, the lungi lifts up to the waist and the butts are fully exposed.Bhiya never bothers that nor asks to cover .One more thing I could notice that all the time I massage his back,hand and reach the palm he would take my palm in his and admire saying hey..Amit your palms are so soft like girls..I like it.This goes on daily. My room is normally dark in the night and doors kept open.One day by about mid night I felt the presence of some body sitting close to me in bed.I was sure it was Bhaiya…I remained motionless and waited.He softly ran his hand from toe to head several time taking due care that I am not awake…then softly kissed my cheek and back and went off.I liked his love and slept.Like this he did for several days on daily basis. A month passed.Bhaiya regularly comes to me in the night but he has changed the activity.He would carefully lie on bed next to me and softly pump my butts one after the other…his middle finger run through the partition of butts and rests on the anus….press the anus in the finger tip.He then checked my breathing whether I am asleep or not.Once confirmed that I am asleep he unbuttoned my pant and pulled down to get the butts out.He placed the tip of finger on the bare anus and pushed in with some pressure….finding no reaction from me he was doubly sure that I am fast asleep… he applied some saliva from mouth on the ass hole and pushed half of the finger into the ass hole.Then I feel the hard erect penis rolled over the butt…again he would put some more saliva on the anus…sit on his knees spread to both sides of my hips…carefully push the penis head into the ass hole…he would not take much time to discharge creamy thick semen.Not being discharged deep in the ass hole the sticky creamy matter will slowly oozed out of the hole to drain on the bed…sometimes he would flush the semen over the anus and butts and cover the pant over that.Every day morning I find his dried semen on the pant & bed and also half dry sticky liquid spread over butts & anus. Bhaiya has the conception that I am not aware of his fucking in night.I also maintain gesture not to let him know that everything is known to me. It was Monday.Bhaiya told me that let us take bath quickly then start cooking.He was in a towel.He called me come on Amit we will take the shower together.I followed him to the bathroom and were standing under the shower…I was in his arms with head on his chest….he took the soap in hand and applied on my head,legs & body….unbuttoned the pant to drop it down….applied soap on the butts & dick…while on butts his finger moved on the anus in a way that each time the finger pushed- in fully in the ass hole along with the lather. He then handed me over the soap to apply on him….while I reached the waist line the towel knot was so adjusted that the towel fell down leaving him full naked. He gave a smile and tightly held me in his arms from backside.I felt the gradual hardness of his dick over the partition of butts.I was turned towards him….he kissed me on lips….guided my fingers to tightly grip his erect penis…asked me to make to & fro movement to masturbate….some time after he sprayed his semen in my stomach…..he kissed again and whispered I am coming to you in night….keep yourself undressed. As usual Bhaiya came in mid night….I was sleeping fully naked…he was carrying pond’s cream with him…applied cream on my anus and his dick…rode over me and penetrated his full penis into my ass hole.He was taking long breathing….his hips dancing on mine…..I could feel the flow of hot semen filling the ass hole…he left me and went to his room. I smiled and uttered to myself….Bhaiya married my sister but fortunate enough to fuck me and my sister simultaneously….happy man

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